A preservation-focused city plan is possible

Most of what we learned about Preservation, we learned from Charleston. Historic Charleston Foundation has partnered with the City to adopt a groundbreaking plan that provides Charleston with a strong preservation-based roadmap for its future.

Click HERE to watch a video to hear what they have tediously established, and have been recognized by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Developed through a partnership between the city of Charleston and Historic Charleston Foundation, the plan, completed in August 2008, looks beyond bricks and mortar to consider social, economic and cultural issues that affect preservation.  In addition to advocating tools for evaluating physical characteristics that define individual neighborhoods, the plan offers strategies for addressing sprawl, gentrification, disaster management and the need for affordable housing….After a yearlong process involving 11 focus groups, a standing Citizen Advisory Group and 33 workshops and meetings that generated 1,500 public comments, the City Council’s unanimous approval of the plan gave Charleston a strong preservation-based roadmap for its future.

Richmond, Virginia shares a historically rich city and culture that faces the same challenges as Charleston, and my hopes are that the preservation organizations in our area will be recognized and pursued for partnerships by our city representatives.

3 thoughts on “A preservation-focused city plan is possible

  1. Do you have speakers available? The Halifax County Historical Society (President, Barbara Bass) is looking for a speaker for an early summer Sunday afternoon program at the restored Prizery (tobacco warehouse, now a community arts center and home of the Society’s Crossing of the Dan exhibits). This Society and the Town of South Boston as well as Virginia Tourism partner to bring travelers to the area–but want to get locals onboard, too! With their support, the Society would like to complete their book, An Architectural History of Halifax County, and learn how to save the many “endangered” homes and other buildings in the area. Please let me know what speakers you have and their topics. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Donna Strange, Secretary
    Halifax County Historical Society

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