This site began in 2009 as a blog to document my research on the history of 811-819 South Cathedral Place in Richmond, Virginia, for a historic preservation and architectural history course at Virginia Commonwealth University. The blog expanded to embrace subsequent research as well as my general appreciation for the architectural fabric that makes Richmond so rich and beautiful.

During one class we heard from Calder Loth, former (and renowned) senior architectural historian of the Virginia Department of Historic Resources. He posed the question “…are [newer buildings] going to be considered worthy of preserving” years from now? Richmond has come a long way in preserving architectural character. Monument Avenue and The Fan District are nationally-recognized examples of such breadth in conservation. But we have lost so many jewels, and much remains threatened. Culturally we’re now more aware of sustaining energy, our food sources, and reducing waste. I hope this sentiment will extend more purposefully to our built environment.

Effectively, an architecturally rich environment is the sum of our individual properties – our homes, businesses and sanctuaries, and the objects that decorate them. This site has evolved from housing research to capturing occasional explorations on topics of interest (or personal milestones) and now also to feature a new endeavor in antique and interior decor here in Richmond.

Thanks for visiting. Cheers!

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