811-819 South Cathedral Place


This blog originally set out to chronicle the findings made while unearthing the history of 811-819 South Cathedral Place in Richmond, Virginia.  These buildings were recently acquired by VCU, and little was known of who lived there, who built them and their chosen style.  In fall 2009, four months of research were compiled for the department of Art History’s Historic Preservation & Architectural History course as a semester project.  The findings now belong to the university and enrich it’s intimacy with both the campus’s and Richmond’s history.

Here you will find a virtual composition of the research paper in its entirety. You can watch the presentation given at the close of the semester HERE.

South Cathedral Place, Richmond, Virginia (1889): Up From the Ashes

Table of Contents & Main Body



Appendix A: Building History and Architectural Catalogue

Appendix B: A Chronology of Events

Appendix C: Architect & Builder Possibilities

Appendix D: Fan Freestyle Architectural Patterns

Appendix E: Matching & Adapted Porch Styles

Appendix F: CAD Drawings of 811 – 819 S. Cathedral Place

2 thoughts on “811-819 South Cathedral Place

  1. This was very interesting and a great resource. I enjoyed learning more about the history of the row that includes the present day VCU History building.

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