Green Man Brass Doorknob and Plates – SOLD

Details: Rare antique set of brass doorknobs and plates depict the face of “Green Man” Spirit of the Forest god, whose head and face are composed of and surrounded by various foliage. Typical of allegorical motifs during the ornamental aesthetic of the Victorian era. Uncertain if plates are originally paired to the knobs but they are consistent with the ornamental period. Set has been polished but still maintain some patina from decades of use. Includes a steel spindle and replacement attachment screws (plus a few extra screws).

Dimensions: Door handle plates measure 7.375″ high x 2.25″ wide. Doorknob diameter is 2.25″ inches wide.

Origin & Era: British or American, 1870s-1890s

Condition: Very good, any imperfections consistent with age and use. See photos for minor blemishes.

Price: SOLD ~ View on Etsy

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