Looking for a motif

It’s been a week since posting; lots of non-school work keeping me busy this past few days.  I am hoping to uncover and identify a motif in the porches of our properties.  Dr. Brownell is curious about a possible Indian inspiration here.  There are also come similarities in the porch detail and the hardware pattern, in terms of cubic, spherical and semi-spherical parts.  Perhaps there was some thought to unite the varying two parts as much as possible in style.  Since discovering the cresting did in fact exist on both the mansard roofs and the roofs of the Queen Anne porches, we realize there was an intent to unite the two different parts and two different styles with applied ornamentation of this architectural diadem.  Perhaps that objective was carried out in other aesthetic applications as well?  Iron cresting to unite to roof applications; a certain motif to unite two provisions for passageways?



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