Norwalk Lock Co. Hardware

Last Friday, the folks at 813 S Cathedral – The VCU Wellness Center – were so kind as to help me investigate the manufacturer of the beautiful bronze sliding door locks and pulls of their building.  This set was the best I’ve seen in the three units I’ve explored so far, meaning, they are the only ones not painted over, and still exhibit the beautiful craftsmanship and finish.  We carefully unscrewed the screws and gently pulled out the pulls and lockset, revealing the manufacturer to be Norwalk Lock Co. Norwalk was one of the top hardware manufacturers, and located in the Connecticut area as expected along with the even more well-known companies such as Russell & Erwin of New Britain, CT, and Nashua of Nashua, NH.

Mortise lock set and pulls from the sliding doors in main parlor in 813 S Cathedral Pl.
Mortise lock set and pulls from the sliding doors in main parlor in 813 S Cathedral Pl.

Click here for the gallery.  This gallery will probably require QuickTime, or a newer browser like Firefox or Safari.

Some initial things I’ve learned about Norwalk: Their manufacturing complex was built in the mid 1800s and was one of the first steam-powered factories in America.  In 2000, the original manufacturing complex has been renovated a mix-use retail/office development.

Segal Lock & Hardware Co. acquired a controlling interest in the Norwalk Lock Co. in 1929 according to an August 21, 1929 New York Times article.  Segal is still in business today.

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