What is Quoit Club?

If you are like me and have an interest in Richmond’s rich history and architectural, urban and rural landscapes, you may enjoy learning more about Quoit Club.  The Historic Richmond Foundation has an organized group of young (and young-at-heart) Richmonders who share this interest and who get together to attend private tours, events, lectures, and general networking.  It’s called “Quoit Club” and was named for Richmond’s most popular 19th century social club.  Traditionally, quoits was a game played during the 1820s and 1840s with steel rings and metal spikes. Famous historic Richmond residents such as Chief Justice John Marshall would gather with friends “on Saturdays to eat, drink and otherwise make merry.”

Though events vary between weekends and weekdays, they are organized annually from March to October.  This year, the season is embracing a theme, celebrating the James River and will aim to hold the 2010 events at historically significant sites that are either on the river, IN the river (you’ll see later…), or perhaps within a neighborhood bordering the river.  Though details of the entire season will be unveiled soon, you can save the date to join Quoit Club’s “kick off” and membership drive on Monday, February 15, 2010 at 6:00 p.m. at the Boathouse.  More information about that event can be found on HRF’s calendar or on the TimesDispatch.com calendar.

This group is a lot of fun, and we’ve (I serve of the Board of Directors as the Communications Committee) got a lot of fun things in store, so please friend Historic Richmond Foundation on Facebook to keep up with the latest, or follow Quoit Club on Twitter.  Or, sign up for email updates from HRF here.  You can also find and RSVP for events on the Facebook link above.

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