Rarely seen early 20th century Richmond

What a great site I just stumbled upon on the VCU Special Collections Online Exhibits!  The “Rarely Seen Richmond” collection allows you to peruse through over 600 postcards of the Richmond scene from the early 20th century.  These miniature works of art show us what was important for Richmonders to share with the rest of the nation at the turn of the century.

The exhibit explains:

“The intent of the collection is to help document early twentieth century Richmond by displaying a unique collection of images of the city. Many of these images include buildings and structures that either no longer exist or have since been altered. The subject matter of these postcards also lends insight into the social and cultural attitudes of those times.”

Postcard scenes depicted include parts of the Fan, Monroe Park, The Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Franklin Street (pictured above), Hollywood Cemetery, downtown Broad and Cary Streets, and many other unique and individual sites. Click HERE to visit the exhibit.

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