A chronology of events

Now that I’m completely finished with the report, I can relax a little and share the findings here on the blog.  There are a lot of parts and pieces to the research, so I’ll be adding them as posts over the coming weeks.  I also hope to create a version of the full presentation to post in a few weeks, so keep an eye out for that!

Today I’ll share with you Appendix B – which is just a basic chronology of events for each house.  You can take a look at the full appendix below, but here’s a snapshot of 811 South Cathedral Place’s major events over the years:

Pickrell-Alsop House, 811 South Cathedral Place

1889, Jul 29 John C. Shafer took out $4,500 Mutual Assurance Coverage on unit under policy #24225; Construction was in process, property owned by John C. Shafer

1889 – 1900+ Pickrell family resided

1890, Dec 16 Joint deed with 813 Floyd Avenue made as bond towards repaying of a $10,000 debt; Legh R. Page and George Christian appointed trustees

1895, Mar 24 John C. Shafer, property owner, died

1903, Apr 9 James A. Moncure, administrator of the Shafer estate transferred property by deed to Boswell Alsop for $8,500

1903, Jun 4 Cornerstone laid for foundation of the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

1906, Nov 29 Dedication of Cathedral of the Sacred Heart took place

1912 Mr. Boswell Alsop died

1925 Mrs. Boswell Alsop (Maria) died

1928, Jan 4 Property transferred by Boswell estate executors to Rt. Rev. Andrew James Brennan, Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese for $8,500

1930 Listed in Richmond City Directory as occupied by Catholic Diocese of Richmond – Bureau of Catholic Charities

1960 Listed in Richmond City Directory as occupied by Diocesan Chancery Building Annex

1960, Oct Property street address changed from Floyd Avenue to South Cathedral Place

1978-1979 Renovation to connect all five dwellings in the row

2007, Dec 14 Property transferred with 813 – 819 South Cathedral Place from Catholic Diocese by deed to Virginia Commonwealth University

2009, Fall Occupied by VCU History Department

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