Suspicions on the builder

100_1601Headed back to the city record room to see what can be find about the sale of 901 Floyd Street from Shafer to Gilbert J. Hunt, a prominent building contractor of the period.  I’m wondering if there may have been some sort of a deal worked out for the land in exchange for Hunt’s services in the construction of the row across from the cathedral.

On page 86 of Drew Carneal’s Richmond’s Fan District there’s an old photograph of the south side of the 900 block of Floyd Avenue showing Hunt’s residence in the forefront, then a row of 6 houses Hunt built (also sitting on land once owned by Shafer) around that period which display some similar detailing to Shafer’s row: the brick detailing along the cornice, and most importantly — the same porch on at least 2 of the units!!  There seems to be a lot of connection between these two guys and land Shafer sold him, land shafer owned on the entire 900 block that later showcased Gilbert Hunt homes…

Fingers crossed.

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